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Please read carefully

Before you click on the Subscription Sign Up button to the right, please read through the steps that are required on the Stripe payment page that you will need to complete:

Step 1

Firstly, please enter your company name and contact telephone number on the Stripe payment form. Make sure the email address for billing is correct.

Step 2

Next, enter the billing address information related to your payment card. 

Step 3

Select one of the Packages from the dropdown list. You can view our range of packages and pricing here (link will open in a new tab), or you can see the price for your chosen package on the Stripe form before completing your subscription.

Step 4

If your business is part of The Tech Tribe or Paul Greens MSP Marketing and you have a special discount code, enter it and hit Apply to calculate the discount to your subscription. (You can only ever use 1 discount code per subscription)

Step 5

A summary of your subscription will be displayed including any discount. Please check this before proceeding and make sure everything is correct. 

Step 6

Now, enter your payment card details correctly and confirm you are human with the captcha checkbox. 

Finalise your payment by clicking the pay button, which will also show the cost of your monthly subscription. 

We would like to welcome you onboard as an MSP Dark Web partner and we look forward protecting your clients and in turn helping you grow your MRR.

Once your registration and initial payment has been processed, our team will send out your login credentials and a welcome email to guide you through your onboarding process. Please contact us if you have any questions -