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Can we tell you a little about us at MSP Dark Web?

Origin Story

MSP Dark Web was originally born out of the frustrations of dealing with certain technology and security vendors that seemed to go out of their way to make life impossible for their MSP clients. That may sound like we are over simplifying things, but that is the reality of our origin story.

It took a week to agree on the excellent idea of creating a quality dark web monitoring platform. Then another 4 months to study the data marketplace and choose our strategic partners. Additionallywe then had another 12 months in research, development and testing, which actually felt like 12 years. 

Fianlly MSP Dark Web launched in December 2021. We had onboarded 11 new MSP partners by February 2022 and we now have just over 200 MSPs onboarded in February 2024. We look after MSPs and IT specialists from 13 different countries. All members are subscribed to our monthly packages ranging from 1 to 200 monitored domains. 

What else is worth mentioning about us at MSP Dark Web?

Our original business  ethos has been our guiding light in our business decisions, our professional integrity and our transparency. We have continually made sure that we provide the best possible dark web breach data, through a secure, evolving platform. Our services will always be priced and packaged for availabilty to MSPs of all sizes and experience in the Cyber Security arena.

Our strategic business partnerships have also been vital in guiding our growth during our initial stages. We have worked closely with Paul Green from Paul Green’s Marketing Edge. Paul is a good friend and an outstanding professional who has guided many an MSP to exponential success in the last seven years. Additionally we appreciate the support of our well-known ally The Tech Tribe, one of the largest MSP communities (Tribes) in the world today. We have constantly offered special discounts to members of The Tech Tribe and Paul Green’s MSP Marketing family.

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Leadership team

about us at msp dark web

A remarkable fusion of diverse expertise and dynamic personalities. That’s how we describe the driving force behind MSP Dark Web’s meteoric rise from a nascent idea in 2020 to a market-dominating security platform in 2024.

This exceptional blend combines 30 years of IT Security and Communications experience as MSP owners, enriched by 30 years of profound training and educational expertise, further augmented by 25 years in advanced customer experience management.

This unique amalgamation of skills and experiences has not only created a powerful synergy but has also catapulted MSP Dark Web into the forefront of the industry. The result is an unparalleled platform that reflects deep technical acumen, a robust educational foundation, and a keen understanding of customer needs – a triumvirate of strengths that have been instrumental in shaping MSP Dark Web into a leader in security solutions.

Tony capewell
technical director & development specialist

about us Tony Capwell

It’s 3 decades now for our technical mastermind. Tony has been a market leader in IT and Cybersecurity since 1993, both as an MSP owner and Cyber Security Consultant for businesses in the UK. During the last 3 years his professional focus has turned to designing, creating and developing today’s leading dark web security platform. 

Do you have a cyber security project that you would like to discuss with someone who will understand you and share your vision as you search for a viable solution? If you do, why don’t you book a call with Tony to pick his brains as you share your ideas. 

neil renwick
customer experience director

Neil teamed up with Tony in 2016 after 25 years away from the UK. Coming into the IT and Cyber Security arena from a long experience in educational and technical training, his skills are more focused around customer experience, client feedback and the smooth onboarding process. 

Those years of experience managing a busy MSP helpdesk team have been key to understanding how MSP Dark Web has been built and managed to suit MSPs of all sizes. If you have already met Neil on a live platform demo or during your onboarding training you will understand how much importance he gives to customer satisfaction, it’s what he gets up for every day.

about us Neil Renwick

lotte capewell
sales director

about us Lotte Capewell

One of the main reasons for our incredible growth in our first 2 years of business is down to our Sales Director Lotte Capewell. Although slightly newer to the world of IT and Cybersecurity, Lotte shows great empathy for the specific requirements of our MSP partners. 

You know how MSPs have firewalls built to prevent all sales calls coming in, well they seem to make special allowances for Lotte and her team. We firmly believe that this is down to MSP Dark Web offering a genuine partnership for MSPs of all sizes and all circumstances. Lotte provides a flexible platform sales and presentation process tailored to your needs. She is always available for a call if you would like to know more about us or any aspect of our business or our services.

strategic business partnerships

Paul Green’s MSP Marketing

We have worked in close partnership with Paul Green since 2016. His clear understanding and execution of MSP marketing content and practices has been invaluable for so many MSPs across the world today. We were honoured to consult with Paul during our initial launch and subsequent growth process. We even had our 15 minutes of fame on the globe’s number one MSP Marketing podcast as Paul’s guests on Episode 125 discussing our journey towards launching MSP Dark Web, and why we were so focused on having a platform built for MPSs by an MSP. If you are already a member of Paul’s worldwide clan, then we have special discounts available for you. You can use your Paul Green discount code when you subscribe.

The Tech Tribe Perks

Since day one we have recognised the importance of sharing special pricing benefits with Tech Tribe members. If you are already a member you can search in Tribal Perks and choose one of our two current offers.

Either take your 10% lifetime discount on all packages from the MSPDW-05 upwards or go for your first month free for the MSPDW-01 to the MSPDW-20 packages. 

Two great offers available to tribal members for 2024. You can register using the details available on the Tech Tribe Perks page.

1 Domain Package

Unlimited prospecting reports